AIBDP’s goals are E5 – to evangelize, educate, empower, enlighten, and engage in the context of Big Data strategy and technology.

  • Evangelize.
    • Demystify the Big Data phenomenon and highlight the relevance to the challenges faced by the enterprises.
    • Help quantify the strategic business value of Big Data for an enterprise.
  • Educate.
    • Serve as a vendor neutral platform for the Education and Empowerment of customers by providing information on Use Cases, Technologies, Software and Hardware platforms, Methodologies, and Implementation Guidelines.
    • Help facilitate collaboration between all the stakeholders which includes enterprise decision makers and professionals in the industry, to learn and share:
      1. On business strategy, technology, methodology, business processes and implementation of Big Data solutions and products
      2. Via educational material and forums such as conferences, community meet-ups, special events, webinars, etc.
  • Empower.
    • Help customers (enterprises, professionals, individual participants) make the most appropriate decisions that suit their Big Data requirements by providing a forum for product comparisons, and highlights of Big Data solutions.
    • Help customers (enterprises, professionals, individual participants) to become educated, qualified, and credentialed supporting successful Big Data implementations
  • Enlighten.
    • Help establish methodologies, starter kits, and business processes required to unleash this value of Big Data and give some fundamental structure to assist Big Data implementations
    • Help clear some of the clutter surrounding the Big Data products, services, and technology by providing constant updates on the advancements of Big Data technology.
  • Engage.
    • Provide regular meet-ups, conferences, webinars, blogs, white papers, videos, and forums for networking and education on Big Data.